Product information and features.

The REDLINE Breathalyzer is the only disposable breathalyzer in the world to have achieved USA FDA (Food and Drug Administration FDA Section 510(k) Number K072953), French NF, German TUV and Standards Australia Certifications for both quality Performance and Manufacturing Standards. We have been homologated and approved for use by both the French Police and Gendarmerie and the Italian Police. Redline is the sole supplier to the Israeli Police.

Are you buying the original product or a me too, look alike? Redline testers were created by the co-founder of the company High Butler to serve a need in the mining industry. They proved to be so effective, efficient and accurate that police and military throughout the world began uses them as their benchmark. Today they are not only the # 1 selling BAC Self-administered, Single Use Tester but, the most accredited and awarded in the world. BAC testing is science not a novelty. An exact volume of exhaled breath must be measured to achieve an accurate reading. Which is why only Testers that employ CMBT {Captured Measurable Breath Technology} , “The Bag” are acceptable in Europe and with the worlds’ military.

The tester consists of a small (70 mm) glass tube containing yellow chemicals, which turn green in the presence of alcohol. The length of the green color change is in proportion to the amount of alcohol. The tube has an arrow indicating the direction in which the breath must be passed and also a red calibration line indicating the legal driving limit.  Inside the tube on either side of the yellow chemicals is a filling of white crystals, which protect the chemicals against moisture and give the product a shelf life of 2 years. This storage Silica Gel is harmless and non- toxic.

A plastic snap-off end cap closes both ends of the tube. A plastic bag containing a neck valve, which measures the volume of breath passed through the tester, accompanies each tester.  The plug of chemicals is located in the tube by means of two resistant sieves. The size of the plug, the nature of the particles and the chemical impregnation are designed to allow the breath to pass through at the correct rate for any alcohol in the breath to react with the chemicals and change the colour from a yellow to green.

The measuring bag is a critical part of the system as it measures the amount of the breath, which is passed through the tester. The volume is the basis on which the calibration is done.  The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has determined that the Redline product does not indicate any potential hazard or toxicity that would require any specific labeling.

  • FDA Pre-Market Cleared # K072953
  • Dual Calibrated to .05% and .08% BAC
  • The World’s No 1 Testing Breathalyzer… Over 200 Million Sold Worldwide.
  • Competitive costs because we sell millions of testers every year
  • Our testers are very easy to use
  • We have a line compared to only colour changes
  • Internationally certified
  • Redline is the only disposable breathalyzer in the world to be quality approved and certified for accuracy by several organizations
  • Over 25 years in development
  • We can generate brand awareness with custom packaging
  • Used throughout the world by Police forces, armies, government campaigns for road safety, and general public usage
  • The product has a shelf life of 2 years
  • Improve safety for all road users
  • Custom packaging options available