Product information and features.

Product adopts aviation aluminium alloy material

Water resistant, Compressive Bulb life-span 100 000 hours

Repeat charging 500 times, battery sustainable lightning 180 minutes more

Technical indexes accord with security inspection standard

For convenience, this product uses high-strength wire and double supporting annex charging

Especially with the smaller car-mounted charger: can be inserted into cigarette lighter socket for car charging

The head should be rotated adjusting zoom dimmer

The central switch three functions:

  • First push for specular output
  • Second push for weak light output
  • Third push for flashing light, can be used as warning light


Eyes cannot be radiated by the light, avoiding from hurting them

Dismantling lamp head frequently is avoided, in order not to destroy the reflector cap or the bulb

Use clean soft cloth to wipe torch after using

Clean and dry the product when it liquid was messed

When it’s hard to turn the head or bottom of the light, please use silicone grease on the connection

Take out the batteries if the torch is not being used for a long period of time

Store in a cool dry place

Keep away from sunlight and high heat environment