Product information and features.

Open the back cover by pressing the open button. insert 4 x D cells with correct polarity, insert the sleeve into the battery compartment according to the instructions in the compartment.  Then close the back cover until it locks.  Now your megaphone is ready for use.  To activate the megaphone press ON/OFF button on the back cover.

When using the megaphone, place your lips as close as possible to the megaphone on the hanger inlet. Adjust the volume control to the desired level without causing any howling or feedback.

Press the MUSIC (or ALARM) button to activate emergency siren.  To turn off the siren, switch back the same button to OFF or press the ON/Off button again.

  • Dry  Cell/Battery Operation
  • Built-in Music (or Siren) & Microphone
  • Clear sound, long range & efficient design
  • Conveniently located volume control & switch
  • 10 seconds voice recording function