Product information and features.

With the experienced gained from thousands of Alcoblow’s on mines across the country LION laboratories and ALCO-Safe have taken in customer feedback and created the LION Alcoblow ® Rapid Test. Durable and reliable, fast and accurate the LION Alcoblow Rapid Test is without a doubt the most user friendly breathalyser available, perfect for security guards and any other high volume testing scenarios.

The rapid test requires a fraction of the amount of air to accurately give an indication of the presence of alcohol in the blood stream as quickly as possible. This means that the Rapid Test will sample first time every time. This removes the need to ask a subject to blow for a long time or more than once and increases speed and efficiency reducing cues and waiting time.

Because of the small sample of air required, the Rapid Test can be held further away from the test subject reducing complaints and making the instrument as simple to use as possible.  Rapid Test Alcoblow’s have a seal inside the instrument that will stop any acid from burst batteries getting in and eating away at the PC board. Because of this there is no concern with using rechargeable batteries as with other instruments where the batteries sit on top of the pc board.

There has always been a concern that security guards may be taking bribes when obtaining positive readings. The Rapid Test Alcoblow has been fitted with a siren(alarm) that sounds when a positive test has occurred. This makes it extremely difficult for a security guard to hide the result and take a bribe.

Software changes have improved the battery life of the instrument, 5000 tests can easily be achieved on one set of batteries.

The Rapid Test is supplied standard with a silicone protective pouch in either yellow or black. The covers have proved to be excellent protection against mishandling, dust, moisture and dirt.

The Rapid Test is fitted with a new, stronger lanyard which is extremely useful in preventing the instruments from being dropped or knocked out of the operator’s hand.