Product information and features.

D.O.S. Chain Leg Irons.
100 % made in South Africa.


2.1 All parts made from steel (Pickle and Oil) with internal parts case hardened.
2.2 Same design and construction as D.O.S. handcuffs.
2.2.1 Static diameter 80mm.
2.2.2 Linked with a 300mm chain and 5mm thick.
2.2.3 Capable of withstanding 150kg static load.
2.3 Single locking mechanism with two levers.
2.3.2 Key can be on the same side as the cuff (although recommended to be on different sides, so as to enable easy access from either side.
2.4 Single lock therefore only rotates one direction. NB !!! unlocking and opening cuff in one direction has a world wide patent on it and thus makes these specifications unfair and one-sided, furthermore a two directional lock makes it more difficult for lock picking.
2.5 Jaw ratchets are passed through a press die.
2.6 Cuffs are nickel plated for reinforcing, scratch and wear resistant and therefore have a silver nickel colour. Black oxide has no wear resistance, scratches and is not weather proof thus it will rust.

For paragraph 5.1, 5.2 and 6

A static load of 600 kg on an area of 2 mm squared is ludicrous and impossible, as there is no material on this earth, even treated material cannot withstand this force.

NB !!! If a S.A.B.S. report is handed in, and a supplier has met with the above specifications, we demand that the test is re-done with all the tender bidders and manufacturers present before the tender is awarded to the supplier.